This website is about video games and Xbox One for you guys and girls to enjoy and have fun with it, also i created it myself because i like video games alot, i have videos, photos, blogs, home page, contact us, about us, links, members, forums on this website it's all Xbox One stuff from and i own Xbox 360, Wii and i used to have PS2, Nintendo 64, gameboy, gameboy advanced, nintendo sp, nintendo ds but that stuff about nintendo and ps2 is not on this site and my name is Aaron Lee if you have any questions feel free to ask or facebook or twitter or blogger.  

Hi, my name is Aaron William Lee and i have brown hair and brown eyebrows and hazelnut eyes and i wear eyeglasses. With muscular dystrophy duchenne in a powered wheelchair with a tray and micro sensitive controls and back up controls and back cushion and headrest and seat cushion and armrests and footrests. Zach Gray has been my best friend for 17 years. I like to play video games and look at my cell phone and read comic books also my computer. If you want to message me. My email addresses are and I freak out easily. I like super hero movies. Tim B. freaks me out and i don't like him and i don't like to talk about him. Johnny Depp freaks me out and i don't like him and i don't like to talk about him and i don't like disney because of Johnny Depp and Tim B. i'm a christian. I live with my Mom and Dad in my home, they take care for me because of my disabilities.